fifa world cup 2018:  Brazil beat Mexico 2-0 on Monday at the Samara Arena

fifa world cup 2018: Brazil beat Mexico 2-0 on Monday at the Samara Arena

The five-time world champion Brazil has already confirmed their position in the quarter-finals 2-0 beat Mexico on Monday at the Samara Arena. The initial half match between the two squads remained rounded. However, Neymar has brilliant goals scored lead 1-0 to Brazil, while winning the warrant edge of stunning scoring player Roberto Firmino substitution in the 88th minute 2-0 team in the 51st minute of the second half. Brazil’s next competition will now be played against Japan or Belgium on Friday.
The initial half scored in this match. In the primary half, both the squads made every effort to achieve goals but Brazil subjugated the ball with the managed of an on-target shot. In the 51st minute of the game, with Neymar Scores the first goal for Brazil in the match, he got the benefit too. In the 51st minute, when Jesus Gallardo could not handle Willian, Neymar did not make any mistake and gave the ball a 1-0 lead by dividing the ball into the goalpost. Neymar scored six goals in the World Cup with the lowest 38 shots at the same time; Lionel Messi scored 67 shots for this, while Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score six goals in 74 shots.

In the 59th minute of the match, Brazilian midfielder Casemiro was shown a yellow card, while the next minute Mexico decided to call his star player Javier Hernandez out and replace Raúl Jiménez in his place. After that Brazil kept their defense strong and nonstop to keep Mexico away from their box, but in the 88th-minute Brazilian substitution player, Roberto Firmino scored a wonderful goal, making Mexico a 2-0 lead. Along with this, 5-time world champion Brazil has managed to make FIFA world number one quarter-finals for the 16th time.

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