FIFA World Cup2018: Uruguay beat Portugal 2-1 at Sochi Fisht Stadium on Saturday

FIFA World Cup2018: Uruguay beat Portugal 2-1 at Sochi Fisht Stadium on Saturday

Following the Argentine legend Lionel Messi, the dream of winning the World Cup of Portugal’s charismatic forward Cristiano Ronaldo was also failed. Thanks to one round goal in both halves of forwarding Edinson Cavani, Uruguay defeated Portugal 2-1 in the Knockout match of the 21st edition of FIFA World Cup at Sochi Fisht Stadium on Saturday. With Uruguay team confirming his position in the quarter-finals 8-years later, where he will face France on Friday. Edinson Cavani of Uruguay did the 7th and 62nd minutes, while Pepe achieved the only 1-goal for Portugal in the 55th minute.

Saturday’s day is not good for the players. In the first pre-quarterfinals of the World Cup, France defeated Argentina’s Lionel Messi 4-3 in the final. After Portugal’s defeat in the second pre-quarterfinals, Ronaldo will no longer be seen in the World Cup. After losing both the squads, the world’s two greatest footballers will no longer be seen in this World Cup. Ronaldo has not been able to score in 6-knockout matches played so far in the World Cup, and he unsuccessful to score once again against Uruguay. Figures for World Cup Knockout matches for Cristiano Ronaldo are not heartening. He has not been able to score in 5-matches so far. Although Cristiano Ronaldo has started the match well. He has been able to show some footwork from the left edge. In the 5th minute, he hit the initial shot on target in the hands of Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.

Uruguay succeeded to begin Aggressively. Edinson Cavani scored the goal for him in the 7th minute. Uruguay made the initial major attack and was successful in the goal. On the long cross met with Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani managed to put the ball in line with the header. Uruguay has not even imagined a better start.

After Missed one goal, Portugal made numerous attempts to go into the round area of Uruguay. A 25th minute was over. No such attempt has been made in Portugal, which can be said that they could achieve the goal. Portugal trainer Fernando Santos is not happy with his squad. He is concentrating on players to attack so that the pressure on Uruguay’s defense can be made and he makes a fault, which he can get the benefit. A 38th-minute match was over. The South American squad has kept Portugal under pressure from their match. It’s not that Cristiano Ronaldo is the only challenge for Uruguay. Luis Suarez is also continuously challenging the defense of Portugal. That is also a big name for world football. Stopping them meant keeping Uruguay away from making an edge in the match. It should not be forgotten that his role in the initial round was important.

Pepe of Portugal managed to equalize his squad in the 55th minute Eventually Portugal has capable to equalize the match. On the cross of Raphael Guerreiro, Pepe scored a header Uruguay’s defense was almost non-existent at that time due to which Pepe got a chance to score, which no one had even marked.

Portugal celebrated this goal only for 7-minutes. Edinson Cavani again made Uruguay 2-1 ahead in the 62nd minute. These goals were also visible like their first goal. The only difference was that these goals were not with the header, but with the right foot. His bicycle shots go into a corner of the trap and go to the corner. Once again Uruguay’s goalkeeper Fernando Muslera proved helpless

Edinson Cavani has achieved 5-goals in the World Cup. For Uruguay, he has scored more goals than only Oscar Miguez (8), Luis Suarez (7) and Diego Forlan (6)

Edinson Cavani went out in the 74th minute. Cristhian Stuani has come in their place. When Edinson Cavani was going out of the limp, Cristiano Ronaldo came out to support him and leave him. I.e. Cristiano Ronaldo is not only a sporting expert but he is not far behind in shown the game spirit.
In the last moments of the match, Cristian Rodriguez on Suarez’s cross could not give direction to the ball. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team lost in the World Cup2018. Uruguay won 2-1 and arrived it to the quarter-finals.

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Uruguay beat Portugal 2-1 on Saturday

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