Hockey World Cup London 2018:Ireland beat India 1-0 at Lee Valley Stadium on Thursday

Hockey World Cup London 2018:Ireland beat India 1-0 at Lee Valley Stadium on Thursday

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London-World Number 10 Indian women’s hockey team lost to Ireland 1-0 in the second match of the World Cup tournament played at the Lee Valley Stadium on Thursday. India got 6-penalty corners in this match, but they could not use any opportunity.
India has to play the third and last match against the USA on July 29th. India will have to win in the last match and will also depend on the result of the match against Ireland and England.
The Indian team, who came out on the field with a win against Ireland, got a penalty corner in the fourth minute but Ireland’s defense did not allow this opportunity to succeed.
In the 13th minute, Ireland got a penalty corner due to the mistake of the players in the Indian team, where Anna O’Flanagan opened the team’s account in the goal.
After one minute, the Indian team got a penalty corner again. Lilima Minz passed the ball to the corner, but Gurjit Kaur hit on the wrong shot on this and the ball got out of the corner. In such a way, Ireland retained a 1-0 lead in the first quarter.

Ireland got the second penalty corner in the fourth minute (19th minute) of the second quarter-finals, but this time the hosts could not score with the efforts of experienced goalkeeper Savita and Defender Deep Ekka. The Indian team got the third penalty corner in the 25th minute. Ireland’s defender failed this effort. In the next minute, Lilima hit a direct shot to the goal team of the hosts, which was saved by the Ireland goalkeeper. With this, the first half ended. Ireland still had a 1-0 lead against India.
The Indian hockey team, who failed to handle Ireland’s rapidly game, got the fourth penalty corner of the match in the 39th minute. Gurjit Kaur once again made a great effort, but the Ireland goalkeeper did not allow it to reach the net.
The fifth penalty corner was also received by the Indian team, which failed to convert in on any of their penalty corners, and with this Indian team failed to score against the hosts even in the third quarter.
Even in the fourth quarter, the Indian team was seen struggling and it did not achieve success against the host team. Once again in the 54th minute, India got a penalty corner and once again the team was unsuccessful. Ireland’s third match will be against England on July 29th. Ireland defeated India by winning the second win.Ireland vs India Teams

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