Indian women’s football team was qualifying for the Olympic qualifiers in the 2nd round

Indian women’s football team was qualifying for the Olympic qualifiers in the 2nd round

Indian women’s football team was qualifying for the Olympic qualifiers in the 2nd round by defeat Myanmar 1-2

On Tuesday, despite being host hosted in Myanmar, Indian women’s football team was qualifying for the Olympic qualifiers in the second round, they were struggling 1-2 with the strong fight. After reaching the second round of table mapor with four points in Group C in the second match, the Indian women team reached the second round. The Second round of Olympic qualifiers to play in April next year. The first part of the match at the Thuvuna Stadium was an exciting case, both sides once found the back of the net. The Indian team, which went into the match with an initial match-up with a 7-1 win against Bangladesh, was shocked after scoring a goal in the third minute.

A cross from the right edge kept the havoc in the Indian penal zone and the ball fell into the Win Thingi Tune of Myanmar, whose shot was removed from the Indian defender and entered the net past patron Aditi Chauhan. However, for their credit, Indian women responded promptly and pushed forward for equal. Bala Devi, who scored four runs in the last game, got a place to shoot from a range, but in the last minute he lost his leg in the eighth minute.

On the next occasion, even after six minutes, fell on the path of India, when Sanju accused of collecting near a long distance on Kamla Devi on the left bank and came for the first time with a curling. However, while accepting the Myanmar Keeper corner, the alert was saved.

Hosts playing their last match against Nepal made the Indians catch on the counter and two opportunities in quick succession. In the 19th minute, Myanmar hit the Indian crossbar with a long distance effort, which returned to the game.

India continued the quest for the equalizer and was honored in the 23rd minute because Grace Dangmei broke with his right hand. He was just trapped on the edge of the penalty box. As a result, 19-year-old Ratanbala Devi made a quick pitch in the top corner of the net with free-kick, which did not give the goalkeeper any chance. Bala is playing as a playmaker, every time it was dangerous to get the ball.

The second half also had an absorbent relationship, India made the first opportunity in the form of a cross-side shot from the left bank of the left goddess, to the left of the Goddess, kissed the crossbar’s head before leaving the game. After that, the domestic side continued to pressurize the Indian target but the defense was too long in response.

In the 50th minute, Aditi showed his vigilance because he went fast to gather less cross than right and after nine minutes produced the match’s savings because he had placed a header on his left hand at the top corner of the net Went away

Another shot was saved by Myanmar Keeper near Bala, but it was Aditi who was the best player of the second half of India because he saved many, especially in the 73rd minute when he left the palm with his left-hand Shore

However, the Indian resistance was broken for just seven minutes to play, as Negge Naj Hette lowered his shot in the corner of the net after a quick break from the hosts. India pushed the equalizer to the final whistle and saw one through the headers from one corner, but a deep effort in the time of the injury, the line by the defendants of the domestic side was approved.

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