Pro Kabaddi Season 6: Dabang Delhi K.C beat Gujarat Fortuneginats by 29-26

Pro Kabaddi Season 6: Dabang Delhi K.C beat Gujarat Fortuneginats by 29-26

Pro Kabaddi Season 6: Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Dabang Delhi K.C Match Highlights

PKL 2018: Gujarat Fortuneginats played against Dabang Delhi K.C. in the 73rd match of the Pro Kabaddi Season 6 at The Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad. Dabang Delhi K.C beat Gujarat Fortuneginats by 29-26. This defeat defeated the unbeaten run of nine fortunes in the arena by Transstadia. In the first half, both teams displayed their defensive skills, all possessed powerful Joginder Singh Narwal from Sachin. With the score of 5-4 in favor of the Gujarat Fortunegiants Navi got the first touch point of the night and then supported by the defense that made three direct settlement points for Gujarat Fortunegiants to reduce only three people on the chutney. Super Tackle On and Shriraj Sheikh is facing the situation of dual-deaths, the defense of the Fortunegiants has deepened them in their half because Parves Bhainswal gave them two points to earn two points. Bhanwal added two more bargaining points to take the four wickets that ended with a lead of 13-11 with Gujarat Fortunegiants. Dong Xiao Lee managed to get three impressions in half, mostly by any rider from any side.

Dabang Delhi K.C. With the aim of opening the second half and quickly increasing the score to 16-16, the courtesy of Rider Pawan Kumar Kadian and some good work from Sheikh, who was associated with three RAID numbers in that race. With Super Tactile, Sachin Shaheed managed to earn two more points in his track for himself and his team. But Dabang Delhi K.C. Defense kept the things firmly in its end so that no effort was made to make any effort on the scoreboard from the domestic team.

Dabang Delhi K.C. After all, the hammer was shocked in the form of a Sheikh; first with his firmness, Bhawalal got out of the boundary before fighting his way to get all out through Oshtorak and Rohit Gulia and earn a five-point inning. Dabang Delhi K.C. Mahendra managed to maintain his three-point leadership for five minutes from the touch point of Rajput, after which the successful settlement of Bhanswal and Sachin’s successful raid made a score of 26-26, leaving only three men on the mat.

Last minute, Dabang Delhi K.C. Against the protection of seven people, they had to face the status of do-or-die. Visitors needed to take any action and it was Naveen Kumar, who managed to steal bonus points to lead from his side. Navin followed with a winner Super Tactical on Sachin’s game as the watch team won a big victory on their behalf and ended the unbeaten domestic run of the Gujarat Fortunegiants.

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