There have been many famous goal scorers in the record of the World Cup

There have been many famous goal scorers in the record of the World Cup

There have been many famous goal scorers in the record of the World Cup are the goal scorers who have given the World Cup many impressive moments with their performance. The football player from different countries will come forward once again in the World Cup opening in Russia from June 14. Reports about some of the striking football players.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

: In the 2006 Football World Cup qualify, Portuguese famous person Cristiano Ronaldo scored seven goals and remained second. That’s where he started his unbelievable journey. In this World Cup, he was crowned the best young player. Portugal’s team arrived at the semi-finals after their goal in the penalty shoot-out. On February 6, 2007, he catches the chance to captain his country for the first time on his birthday. In the Euro Cup 2008, he was given the number seven jersey for the first time. In this tournament, he scored eight goals in qualifying. All are alert of Ronaldo’s club career. Ronaldo has achieved 81 goals in Portugal for 149 matches, and in his fourth World Cup, it is the responsibility of making Portugal a winner.

Lionel Messi

: Argentina star Lionel Messi’s only dream is to make his team a football world cup champion. This Barcelona club player is now ready to complete this dream of the country. The Argentine’s maximum hope is Messi who scored 64 goals in 124 international matches in 2005; Macy was in the legendary person after making two goals in the Under-20 World Cup final. After which he finally cached the chance to play the 2006 World Cup. Macy has played three World Cups so far and will be a big dare in the fourth World Cup, as it could be her last World Cup.

Neymar (Brazil)

: Neymar is included in Brazil’s football team since 2010. On March 5, 2014, in a friendly match against South Africa, he scored a hat-trick of the goal. From here, he had come out as an idol in front of the world. In the World Cup 2014, he played his 50th global match beside Croatia. He became the third highest goal scorer in this tournament and won the title of Bronze Shu. Neymar may have been struggling with fitness this time, but he is a great hope for Brazil. He has scored 53 goals in 83 matches for Brazil so far.

Robert Levandovski (Poland)

: King of spark Football and, certainly one of the world’s top strikers; Robert Levandovski is determined to win the title of World Cup. Robert can kick with used both feet. For some years he is one of Europe’s peak footballers. Even as a captain, he is placed to win his team. Robert Achieved 16 goals in the European World Cup succeed. In his career, he has scored 51 goals in 91 matches so far. These figures are enough to tell they’re possible.

Harry Kane (England)

: On the shoulders of Harry Kane, the prospect of fans for England’s World Cup title rests. He also has the capacity to give England the title. Tottenham Hotspur famous person defender Harry is also the captain of England. Harry is the number one player on the list of his team because of his strange capability to score goals and goals is to stand apart from the other players. Harry is ready to show his possible globally. Harry has played 23 matches for England so far, in which he has scored 12 goals.

Edison Cavani (Uruguay)

: Edison Cawney is called Al Matador. In this World Cup, the Uruguay team player will be able to win the title with his star player Luis Suarez. All the features of a striker are present in Kawani and he would like to be the top scorer in this World Cup. His capability to play his technique and place at the right time makes him the most perilous attacker in this World Cup. He has scored 38 goals in 98 matches so far. In the World Cup qualifying history, he has equalized by scoring 21 goals. In such a situation, it will not be easy to ignore Kavani.

Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)

: sweater United No. 9 of Manchester United is the favorite of all to win the Golden Shoe award in this World Cup. From their eyesight, speed, goals and all-rounder games, Romelu can take the Belgium team forward in the tournament. He is one of the top strikers in this World Cup. He scored 25 goals for Belgium in 61 matches. He would like to raise the number of his goals in this World Cup.
Rodham Falcao (Colombia): After a bad year has passed, it is now a good time for Radmel Falcao. This can be the last tournament for Colombia with Falcone’s Jersey No. 9. 2014 Falcao, who missed the Brazil World Cup, wants to do radiantly in Russia. The capability to fulfill their goal is very special. In Columbia, he has scored 28 goals so far in Colombia.

Alvaro Morata (Spain)

: Spain’s team is investigating the option of Fernando Torres. Alvaro Morata for Spain has been playing the role of the top football player for a long time, but this time, Alvaro Morata is the only country’s best player to win another title. Chelsea’s star football player is one of the great contenders of the Golden Shoe in the World Cup, with its ability, speed, strength and great brains. So far he has scored 11 goals in 22 games for Spain, and in this world, he will be able to increase the number of goals.

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